Bathroom Accessories

Mirror Cabinet

Product Code 100319
Available Colors

PVC Connection Tube

Product Code -
Available Colors

Single Flush Cistern

Product Code 100445
Available Colors

Dual Flush Cistern

Product Code AE_BA_DF_W
Available Colors White

Seat Cover - Normal Close

Product Code AE_BA_SS_W

Seat Cover - Soft Close

Product Code AE_BA_SS_W

Maxion water tank cover

Product Code -
Size 2 feet *2 Feet
( Outer frame Size)
Available Colour Grey, Blue, Black

Health Faucet Classic

Product Code -
Size 1.2 M

Extension Nipple

Product Code -
Size 1", 1-1/2", 2"

Y Screen Filter

Product Code -
Size 3/4", 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2"

Bathroom Accessories, Bathroom Taps Online

The bathroom is a place to relax and rejuvenate and a truly peaceful place. Whether it is first in the morning a fast energizing shower or a lengthy candled soak before bed, our large range of bathroom faucets, showers, and bathroom accessories enable you to create your dreams ‘ bathrooms. We are committed to providing quality products, our trained and qualified workers produce professionally. We provide the Best bathroom taps online.

We are the leading manufacturer of bathroom tap and bathroom accessories in Coimbatore reason is that we offer truly globally selected products, engage in designing plumbing fixtures.

Aqua Excel Industry products are designed to provide maximum performance in the area of human health, environment, and effective work-saving cleaning through the use of the most up-to-date research and technology. We are very proud to have the industry’s most responsive sales staff, supported by strong technical support and the urgency to handle all orders.

Our Products

Bathroom Accessories

With Responding to the modern trend of Luxury and Stylish Bath Room Fittings, Aqua Excel Bath Room Accessories – A Leading Brand of the industry offers high-quality Vignette Series of Luxurious and Stylish Bath Room accessories.

Our bathing accessories include toilet Seat covers normal and soft covers, 3-way adaptor pipe, Dual flush cistern, single flesh cistern, connection tube, mirror cabinet.

We use high-quality raw materials and state of the art technology to develop highly durable and reliable bathroom accessories. Aqua excel products are well known for their durability we made products that can withstand over years of usage without any problem. All new designs are tested fully with prototype models and under extreme conditions, operational efficiency is monitored.

bathroom taps onlineBathroom Taps

We at aqua Excel are well known for our long-lasting bathroom taps online. We offer a huge range of bathroom taps online in several models with rust-free, advanced design, excellent finish, etc. Our range of products is so exotic in their unique qualities.

Our range of products is so exotic in their unique qualities. We have so elegantly designed our brand that it guarantees aesthetic continuity in every bathroom. Such products are designed with the best technical know-how and creative minds.

Whether it is full turn tap or half turn taps we got an extensive range of bathroom taps online. Our collection includes Mercury to handle full turn and half turn taps, nose handle bathroom taps, T handle bathroom taps.

Features of our Bathroom accessories and Taps

  • Aqua Excel offers extensive ranges and design of bathroom taps and bathroom accessories which perfectly blend to your bathroom interior.
  • We manufacture bathroom accessories and taps with high-quality raw material and ultra-modern technology
  • Exceptional finish and durability
  • Make in a way for convenient water control
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Reliable and water-saving
  • Can be easily installed and replace

We manufacture products that last

Aqua Excel has been a leading manufacturer of bathrooms that provide clients throughout the country with high-quality taps online, sinks, bathroom accessories, and fittings. We are a company known for performance and sophistication to manufacture bathroom accessories. The far-sighted leadership vision has taken the company to new heights in a very short time.

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