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Excel Plast, the 17 year old parent organization of Aqua Excel having its expertise in the production of plastic components, as an OEM manufacturer to various renowned Indian and global organizations like L & T, P&G, Panasonic, Rialto, Marico and etc...

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Maxion offers smart storage solutions to bathroom and home which adds attraction.

In-House dedicated strong technology and R&D team to provide innovative and aesthetic products.

Why to use Aqua Excel
CPVC Pipes

  • Anti-bacterial
  • Leak proof
  • Heat resistant
  • Have high tensile strength
  • Contamination free
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Why to use Aqua Excel
UPVC Pipes

  • Lead free
  • UV resistance
  • Durable
  • Low cost / maintenance
  • Environment friendly
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MAXION Manhole Cover

Ideal for Domestic, Industrial & Commercial Installations

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Quality Test Conducted

  • Impact Test
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Test
  • Reversion Test
  • Opacity Test
  • Tensile Test
  • Vicat softening test


  • Malfunction test
  • Burst Pressure Test
  • Density Test
  • Flattening Test
  • Thermo Cyclic Test
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Smart Storage Solution

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We deliver Quality in Every Product we build

At Aqua Excel, combine best services with the best technology, we guarantee superior standards with our best-quality products such as CPVC Pipes and UPVC plumbing pipes & fittings and other bathroom accessories. Our other products include Manhole covers ad frames, solvent cement, Mirror cabinet, bathroom RPVC pipes, PVC pipe Fittings, water-saving aerators and different style of pipes.

Aqua excels is synonymous with innovation and new trends in the piping market. We focused on bringing new Pipe technologies and relentless development into existing and new products. This specific focus allows the brand to raise the standards and to lead as an example by others. Aqua Excel is also known to surpass consumer expectations for its compromise-free quality.

Our mission is consistently to maintain and increase its leading presence in customers ‘ minds from the implementation of new piping technologies to innovative brand communication.

What is the Manhole cover?

You might have come across manhole and frames once in a lifetime or walk over them daily basis if you are living in the city. A manhole cover is simply a removable cover that is used to cover the manhole in residential, industrial and roadside.  These manhole cover and frames serve the purpose of preventing people from falling into a manhole.

manhole coverWhat is the Purpose of a Manhole?

As leading manhole cover and frame manufacturers, we are often questioned about the function of manholes and the use of manholes. And the reason is that when it comes to sewage water systems, there are many roles manhole cover and frames these two

  1. To promote sewer system inspections as well as maintenance operations, such as cleaning and elimination of obstacles in the sewage line.
  2. To help ventilate the sewage system through the escape of gasses

Leading Manufactures of Manhole covers and Frame

 Aqua Excel also offers Maxion range of products which includes manhole covers and frames together aligned with other smart storage solutions to homes and bathrooms. Founded in a tradition of quality and innovation, Aqua Excel has been a leading manufacturer and suppliers of a manhole cover and mirror cabinet for bathroom. Our world-class manufacturing facility enables us to produce a wide range of high-quality, standard and tailor-made products.

Our goal is always to offer high quality, service and value. We stock a full range of standardized products to easily satisfy the requirements of our customers. We provide manhole cover and mirror cabinet according to schedule and customer request. Our major supply is available to various government and private sector organizations, resellers and distributors throughout India. We are committed to quality for our customers. We are known for our innovation and the new quality standards Manhole covers and frames developed by us.

Safety for both pedestrians and utility employees has driven Aqua Excel to produce the safest manhole cover possible. Our manhole cover and frames can conduct heat, electricity and corrosion resistance. Our manhole cover and frame have advanced ergonomics, which protect people from injuries. The advanced ergonomics of the manholes and frames shield municipal workers from heavy cast injuries.

Our Range of Manhole Cover and frame

 Manhole cover and frame are manufactured using various materials such as fiberglass, cast iron, concrete, and plastics. However, due to technology development in recent days, PVC Manhole covers and fiberglass manhole covers have gained popularity, because the PVC plastic Manhole cover and frame holds more advantages such as they are lightweight, corrosion resistance and moreover traditional manhole cover and frame.

Aqua Excel manufactures world-class PVC manhole covers and frames made of the top-grade resin systems. We adhere to the use of high-quality raw material used in the manufacturing manhole cover therefore it gives more durability. Our manhole cover and frame are lightweight, but solid material is suitable to cope with heavy vehicles and other materials. We also pledge that high-quality standards will be strictly followed. Our manhole coverings are ideal for use in all types of areas – from home to streets. For manhole cover and frame PVC has emerged as the most preferred product with a definite benefit over older concrete or cast iron coverings. These plastic covers have nearly all toxin resistance, high strength to weight ratio.

Why Choose Maxian Manhole Covers and Frame?

 We have trusted an ISO 9001: 2015 Certified company, involved in the manufacturing of CPVC, UPVC pipes and fittings, mirror cabinet and other bathroom accessories. The quality of our products made of only superior systems is something we are proud of. Our goods remain long-lasting despite heavy use. Our regulation of quality ensures that every item meets the highest standards. We also offer a wide range in manhole cover and frame, including square, circular, and rectangular covers. Upon special request, we provide customization. Nonetheless, most industry standards are part of our current designs.

Mirror Cabinet

Every bathroom needs at least one mirror. And every bathroom needs to store a lot of stuff. So bathroom mirror cabinets can save you money and space by doing two jobs at once. We have a wide variety to choose from, including high cabinets and options with open shelves, too.