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Why To Use Aqua Excel

Our Aqua Excel range of products are manufactured to provide hassle free fittings that lasts for a life and have unmatched endurance properties.

We are strong in the manufacturing of CPVC, UPVC pipes & fittings, water saving taps, cistern and bathroom accessories.

Our focus is to actively use the best technology to manufacture world class plumbing products to save water.

Aqua Excel CPVC Pipe's Advantage

  • User friendly – Our pipes are marked in feet measurements to ensure easy installation and saves from wastages.
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Leak proof
  • Durable
  • High impact
  • Heat resistant
  • Have high tensile strength
  • Smooth inner diameter (ID) and low frictional losses which ensures flawless flow
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Weather resistant
  • UV resistance
  • Contamination free
  • Peace of mind as the pipes are maintenance free
  • Long Lasting – Free from pitting, scale formation, chemical reaction, weathering, etc.

Aqua Excel UPVC Pipe's Advantage

  • ​U​​PVC solvent weld plumbing system
  • Lead free
  • UV resistance
  • Durable
  • Low cost / Maintenance
  • Environment Friendly
  • Easy to Install


Maxion range of products are designed aesthetically to suit your storage requirements by optimizing space utilization. Designed with extensive research on your preferences is what lead us to the development of the range of Bathroom accessories. Every product is unique in its category with a “wow” factor.